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Heel Pain

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When you consider that every mile you walk puts about 60 tons of stress on each foot, it’s no surprise that heel pain is so common. Experienced podiatrist Samuel W. Cox Jr., DPM, treats heel pain in children and adults at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC in Goodyear, Arizona. If you or your child suffer from heel pain, call or book an appointment online today.

Heel Pain Q & A

What causes heel pain?

Ingrown Toe Nail

Heel pain is a common symptom that has many possible causes. The experts at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists treat heel pain that occurs for a variety of reasons, including:

Plantar fasciitis and bone spurs

Stabbing pain at the bottom of your heel is most likely due to plantar fasciitis. This condition is the most common cause of pain beneath your heel. Plantar fasciitis pain is usually worse first thing in the morning or after a long period of rest. Plantar fasciitis may cause a bone spur to form at the base of your heel bone. 

Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis causes pain at the back of your heel, beneath your calf muscle. In addition to pain, you may notice a swollen, tender bump behind your heel. Achilles tendinitis pain usually flares up when you begin an activity after a period of rest.


Your heel bone can become fractured, or broken, in many ways. Fractures may result from direct impact, such as falling from a height and landing on your feet. Small, hairline cracks called stress fractures can also develop in the heel bone as a result of repetitive stress.

When should I see a podiatrist for heel pain?

You should schedule an appointment at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists any time you have heel pain that lasts longer than a few days. If your heel pain begins after an accident or injury, call the office right away. Without treatment, heel pain usually gets worse over time. 

How is heel pain diagnosed and treated?

First, your provider at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists reviews your medical history and asks you to describe your heel pain. They examine your foot, ankle, and lower leg and may take diagnostic imaging tests, such as an X-ray. 

Then, they recommend the best treatment for your particular condition. Most heel pain resolves with nonsurgical treatments, such as:

  • Resting the foot
  • Ice packs
  • Supportive shoes 
  • Custom orthotics
  • Night splints
  • Padding, taping, or strapping the foot
  • Stretching exercises
  • Physical therapy
  • Extracorporeal shock wave treatment

If your heel pain persists despite conservative treatments, your provider at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists may recommend surgery. 

Don’t wait to seek treatment for heel pain. Call the friendly staff at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists or book an appointment online today.