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About Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists

Feet shouldn't hurt, AZ Foot & Ankle is here to help!

We at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialist strive to fully assess our patients to determine both what is wrong and the best way to treat that condition. In addition to being mindful of the patient's goals and expectations. We have excellent highly trained staff to help our providers in the process of delivering the highest quality of care whether it is medical or surgical care needed. Our office is located in Goodyear and is very easy to find.

We offer prompt scheduling including same day appointments whenever available. We are able to provide the most cutting edge proven treatment options which include EPAT/Shock wave therapy for many conditions that help with a speedy recovery and allows the patient to get back to their activities and work quickly. We also offer a top of the line Laser therapy that provides treatment for fungus toenails, warts, and also can be used for treating inflammation and pain in multiple areas of the foot, ankle, & lower leg. When conservative care has failed to attain the patients goal of treatment we offer both open traditional foot & ankle surgery, as well as, we also offer in-office Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) options , where appropriate, which allows for quicker surgery time, quicker recovery, less postoperative pain, and less expense when not having to deal with hospital or surgery center costs related to surgery.

We have state of the art diagnostic tools to help us diagnose and treat many conditions such as: In-office non-invasive vascular equipment to evaluate circulation to the lower extremities Neurological equipment to better evaluate peripheral neuropathy conditions, as well as, being able to monitor the progress with treatment Diagnostic Ultrasound with vascular color technology to better assess soft tissue problems Diagnostic X-Rays Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists provide excellent care for patients of all ages. We have a large pediatric population of patients, we treat all types of injuries including foot & ankle fractures, sprains, strains, and contusions/bruising of the foot, ankle, and/or lower leg. We treat a lot of various conditions regularly such as Ingrown toenails, Heel pain which can be but is not always Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Hammer toes, Morton’s Neuroma, various joint pains and tendinitis conditions, Fungus toenails, corns, calluses, as well as many other skin, soft tissue and bone conditions.


We also specialize in Diabetic foot care needs, including regular full examinations, palliative foot and nail care, Diabetic shoes with Diabetic insoles that help provide support and help protect the patient's feet, as well as, we also provide advanced wound care treatments to help heal and prevent wounds of the lower extremities, and work diligently to get them healed as quick as possible and treat and protect for any infectious processes. We have available Regenerative Medicine options which include Amniotic membrane/Stem Cell products to help speed the healing and recovery of many conditions. We offer carefully chosen products that provide the best treatment options for our patients to help treat many foot and ankle conditions. We offer custom orthotics and prefabricated insoles for most all shoe options and we provide custom foot, ankle, and lower leg braces as needed. We have a small shoe store in our office to help patients find the best type of shoe for their conditions.

For evidence-based podiatric medicine in a comfortable environment, call Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists or book an appointment online today.