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Shockwave Therapy

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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, also known as ESWT, is a highly effective noninvasive treatment for promoting healing and reducing inflammation. Leading board-certified podiatrist Samuel W. Cox Jr., DPM, provides shock wave therapy treatments right in the office at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC in Goodyear, Arizona. If you have a chronic musculoskeletal issue or soft tissue injury, book an exam to find out if ESWT is right for you. Schedule your evaluation online or over the phone.

Shock Wave Therapy Q & A

How does shock wave therapy work?

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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a proven solution to treat a host of injuries and chronic pain-causing conditions. This treatment involves using a specialized device to deliver sound waves deep into your injured area.

This effect stimulates a healing response by your body and forces rapid cell turnover, improved blood flow, and faster tissue healing. ESWT can even break apart calcification deposits (spurs), which may be irritating surrounding tissues. Over time and with ongoing shock wave sessions, pain and inflammation subside as tissues heal. 

Is shock wave therapy painful? 

Shock wave therapy is entirely noninvasive and is known to be comfortable. If you have a severe injury or are in a lot of pain, you may need local anesthesia — also known as twilight anesthesia — during your treatment. 

What can shock wave therapy treat?

Shock wave therapy from Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists is often helpful if other conservative treatments haven’t been effective for you. Your podiatrist may recommend ESWT to treat:

  • Heel pain
  • Bone spurs
  • Stress fractures 
  • Achilles tendinitis 
  • Sprains and strains  
  • Lower limb ulceration 

Shock wave therapy is highly effective for plantar fasciitis sufferers, too. Clinical studies report that ESWT yields a 70% success rate for minimizing plantar fasciitis pain and inflammation. 

When can I expect results with shock wave therapy?

As beneficial as shock wave therapy from Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists is known to be, results won’t happen overnight. Your podiatrist creates a personalized shock wave treatment plan based on your diagnosis and expected outcome.

It’s common to need ESWT treatments once a week for 3-6 weeks to experience optimal results. But if you have a more complex condition or severe pain, you might need additional sessions. 

Typically with each passing session, you start noticing that your symptoms are improving. Your provider at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists may pair your shock wave therapy plan with physical therapy, daily at-home exercises, or regular ice or heat therapy to help you heal faster and more effectively. 

Learn more about the benefits of shock wave therapy by booking an evaluation at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists today. Click on the online scheduler or call to speak with a team member.